Public Affairs


No enterprise can prosper without taking into account not just its customers and owners, but also its other stakeholders. In more and more cases, economic interests are tightly tied to and dependent on political decision-making and public administration. Building relationships and mutual understanding with government entities, political parties and thought-leaders is what today’s public affairs are all about.

Public affairs means sharing information with and building relationships with stakeholders who have power or influence over issues that are critical to the company’s business or its operating environment. Above all else, public affairs is about interaction: listening to and being receptive to other people’s thoughts is just as important as getting your own message heard.

We have broad experience in public decision-making. We help our clients understand decision-making mechanisms and to communicate their core messages to the right audiences, whether they are ministers, the parliament, government officials or local authorities. Our goal is to make sure that key decision-makers have access to the best possible information and that they have sufficient facts to make informed decisions.

Successful public affairs strategies stem from exhaustive background research that enables the right target groups, channels and perspectives to be identified. Stirring public discourse and generating interest among the general public through media publicity, events and social media, for example, are also important elements in getting messages across.

Our international public affairs offerings relies on Burson-Marsteller’s strong expertise and coverage from Brussels to Washington.

The following are examples of the services that, among others, we offer in the field of public affairs:

  • Strategic consultancing
  • Government relations
  • Monitoring and listening
  • Media relations
  • Digital campaigns
  • Events and seminars